Longmen Art Projects 龍門雅集

Auspicious Beasts and Three Marks

2013 Exhibition of Huang Zhiyang Sculptures & Paintings





  • © Auspicious Beasts and Three Marks 祥兽与千灵显
  • © Auspicious Beasts and Three Marks 祥兽与千灵显
    Huang Zhiyang, Three Marks - Wandering and Gathering No.1, Chinese ink & mineral color on tough silk, 120x220cm, 2013 黄致阳, 千灵显-游聚之一墨, 矿物彩 绢布 黃致陽, 千靈顯-游聚之一墨, 礦物彩 絹布
  • © Auspicious Beasts and Three Marks 祥兽与千灵显
    Huang Zhiyang, Auspicious Beast no.6, Brass,Pure Goldleaf, W39 x D9 x H29CM, 2013 黄致阳, 祥兽之六, 黄铜 纯金箔 黃致陽, 祥獸之六, 黃銅 純金箔

Huang Zhiyang’s art is about growth, reflecting his adoration towards nature and life through his creations and subjects. His art also explores the future of traditional values through his technique and artistic language, and it is precisely within his unique expressive and stylistic language through which he realizes his own potential. In viewing his surrounding environment as a world that is growing enables his art to be a part of that growing world, and constantly supplies us with new surprises within the realm of visual space. - Gao Ling, 2012

黄致阳的艺术是生长的艺术,这既是指他在创作对象上对自然和生命的关爱,也是指他在创作手法和语言技巧上对传统和未来的开放性,更是指他特有的语言风格的发展性。将周围的世界看成是生长的,就会将自己的艺术创作看成是生长的,就会在视觉空间的领域不断为我们带来生长性的新惊喜。 —— 高岭,2012

黃致陽的藝術是生長的藝術,這既是指他在創作對象上對自然和生命的關愛,也是指他在創作手法和語言技巧上對傳統和未來的開放性,更是指他特有的語言風格的發展性。將周圍的世界看成是生長的,就會將自己的藝術創作看成是生長的,就會在視覺空間的領域不斷為我們帶來生長性的新驚喜。 —— 高嶺,2012