Longmen Art Projects 龍門雅集

Mind and Comprehension

Exhibition of Li Lei Abstract Paintings





  • © Mind and Comprehension 心与识
    Li Lei, Amongst Clouds and Water No.16, Long Night in Autumn with Flute Playing, Acrylic on Canvas, 80x100cm, 2012 李磊,云水间No.16,夜长箫三更秋,布上 丙烯
  • © Mind and Comprehension 心与识
    Li Lei, Chilly Autumn Night No.02, Acrylic on Canvas, 70x60cm, 2011 李磊,古夜秋寒 No.02,布上 丙烯
  • © Mind and Comprehension 心与识
  • © Mind and Comprehension 心与识

The kind of painting one creates depends on the “heart” of the creator. “Heart” in this sense, is akin to “Comprehension”; both the conscious and subconscious comprehension and awareness of a multitude of sensory inputs. The “heart” has the same foundation and is the source of paintings, and paintings are the materialized presentation of the “heart”. Paintings preserve the “heart” within, waiting to be discovered by its viewer. — Li Lei 2006

有怎样的「心」就有怎样的画。「心」即「识」,是综合了各种知识和感受的潜意识和显意识。「心」和画之间是同构的,「心」是画的本源,画是「心」的物质化呈现。画把「心」储存起来,等待着有一天被观者读取。— 李磊 2006