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Simple Symbols • Noble Aesthetics Liao Shiou-Ping Paintings 2000 – 2018

Liao Shiou-Ping

朴素的符号 •高贵的美感 2000 – 2018廖修平油画展


樸素的符號 •高貴的美感 2000 – 2018廖修平油畫展


  • © Simple Symbols • Noble Aesthetics   Liao Shiou-Ping Paintings 2000 – 2018 朴素的符号 •高贵的美感 2000 – 2018廖修平油画展
    Gate of New Hope, 2013, Acrylic & Gold leaf on canvas, 130x238cm (Triptych) 新希望之门, 2013, 压克力 金箔 画布 , 130x238 cm(三联屏) 新希望之門, 2013, 壓克力 金箔 畫布 , 130x238 cm(三聯屏)

I have traveled in and out of Taiwan and around the world for all my life. Some things have changed while others remain a constant. My surroundings and my age have changed, and in turn, so have my subjects and artistic language. The one constant is my philosophy towards art. Today, I have returned to my childhood home – Taiwan while still frames of past memories and sentiments include the Temple Decor, Symbol Life, Seasons, Manikin, Silence, and Dreams series. After over six decades of art creation, I have realized that the world acts like a large mirror for self-reflection, thus enabling discovery of the different cultural backgrounds to truly understand one’s own path. Only then was I able to experience life and build my individual style and ideas. - Liao Shiou-Ping

穿梭于国际与本土之间,有变与不变。变的是生活环境与年岁增长,影响到创作主题和绘画语言;不变的是一直坚持的艺术理念。 如今我再度回到童年的居所 - 台湾,过去的记忆情感,如同一页页停格的画面影像,庙饰系列、符号人生、季节岁月、木头人、默象系列、梦境系列。 致力艺术创作六十多年,我深深感受到:世界宛若一面大镜,镜中清楚地认知自己的面貌后,才会发现东西文化背景的迥异,而真正了解到自己要走的路。 -廖修平

穿梭於國際與本土之間,有變與不變。變的是生活環境與年歲增長,影響到創作主題和繪畫語言;不變的是一直堅持的藝術理念。 如今我再度回到童年的居所 - 台灣,過去的記憶情感,如同一頁頁停格的畫面影像,廟飾系列、符號人生、季節歲月、木頭人、默象系列、夢境系列。 致力藝術創作六十多年,我深深感受到:世界宛若一面大鏡,鏡中清楚地認知自己的面貌後,才會發現東西文化背景的迥異,而真正瞭解到自己要走的路。 -廖修平